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COVID-19 - How did Fintech Marketers adapt and pivot

Premium Content - Adaptability and Agility for Marketing during COVID: Fintechs and Financial Services

adaptability agility Jan 20, 2021

By Tom Newbould  – Co-Founder, The Marketing Leaders

Even in normal times, there is a very good case to state that both marketers and businesses should always have at least one eye on where they could adapt or pivot into new features, new products or markets, or perhaps the balance of where they are deploying their efforts. This is a key aspect of any marketing team, product, or business and it is always subject to the demands of the P&L, the business strategy, or exit plan.

If COVID has taught us anything in professional terms, it has been the importance of not taking anything for granted and also being able to ‘pivot’ both ourselves, our products, and even our entire businesses in part or in full, whether temporarily or permanently.


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