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Premium Content - Building an International Marketing Team

internationalisation Mar 04, 2021

By Tom Newbould  – Co-Founder, The Marketing Leaders

Your career in marketing inevitably produces many memorable moments. As a young marketer, I was lucky enough to be faced with two job offers back in 2007.  After weighing up the pros and cons of two roles that appeared brilliant, I took the advice of some of my contacts and accepted the one that would take me away from my comfort zone and challenge me in a different way. This would give me my first international marketing experience, and from that point forward (with the exception of two years) I have always worked in international challengers businesses with international colleagues in all aspects of the business.

I was fortunate that over the coming years I would build up not just my experience of working within these international challengers, fast-growth businesses building up to a sale or a stock exchange listing, but also get the opportunity to build, develop and lead several marketing teams from a zero or low base.  This was a truly fantastic experience, and my earlier experience definitely helped to understand the sometimes small and sometimes significantly different cultural perspectives that an international team needs to navigate.

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