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Premium Content - How to: A practical (focused) guide to Branding

Jun 30, 2021

By Andrea Tartaglia – Co-Founder/Director @ The Marketing Leaders Ltd.


Branding is a very broad subject. And a very important one not only for marketers. That is why we have dedicated the past month to Branding with a series of blog posts on our website.


By no means we have covered everything there is to talk about. However, we touched on some very important topics:

  • How to communicate your Brand effectively
  • What Brand positioning is and why it is important
  • How to grow Brand awareness
  • How to rebrand


We also wrote about Brand development and building a Brand plan (full guide available to FULL Members on the TML’s Knowledge House). 


And for those of you also interested in design, we have talked about how to design a Brand identity and have published a comprehensive guide about the meaning of colors and their application to Branding and design (also available in easy to digest weekly instalments on Facebook and LinkedIn).


We encourage you to read the full articles. If you are short of time, carry on here to find a structured series of highlights, pointing out the most practical insights on these topics.   

 The 'How to' guides are reserved to FULL Members of The Marketing Leaders and can be found in the Knowledge House in the members' resources.

To become a FULL Member, please click here.