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B2B Segmentation

Premium Content - Why segmentation is so important for B2B marketing?

b2b segmentation Mar 24, 2021

By Tom Newbould  – Co-Founder, The Marketing Leaders

While segmentation is frequently quoted within the context of B2C or direct to consumer marketing, it is just as important, if not more so, for B2B marketing.  Without segmentation, a B2B marketing strategy or campaign carries the risk of missing the point or more specifically, failing to reach the companies who could just be that golden customer or a 1m+ contract of the future.

As marketers know, customer segmentation allows marketers to draw an accurate depiction of their customers, put them in groups according to any similarities, and create pinpointed campaigns, messages, and creatives to specific segments of the customer base. Because B2B marketing tends to be targeted towards a smaller area of focus or radar area, and have a longer sales cycle, it means that segmentation can truly help build a more value-based relationship from the start, enabling efforts to be concentrated on particular target businesses.


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