All You Need To Build A Successful Career

Over 70+ years of cumulative experience, we have hired and developed countless marketing professionals. We have guided them to flourish.

That priceless experience is now available to you.

We work together to perfect your CV and the way you present yourself to the job market.

If you need to accelerate your professional development, or develop faster in your role, we can coach and mentor you or agree on a training program focused on a marketing topic you wish to perfect.

We even have a 'Learning by Doing' opportunity for new graduates who want to build hands-on experience working with seasoned marketing experts.

Job Hunting

All The Tools You Need For Your Next Career Move

We have been hiring manager for what feels like a lifetime. We have selected, onboarded and developed countless marketing professionals, at all levels, across disciplines and industries. 

We share your purpose and want to use our experience to help you improve the way you present yourself to the job market. 

The Marketing Leaders - CV Review

Basic - £ 150

  • CV Review

We look and evaluate your CV and give you feedback and tips to improve it

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The Marketing Leaders Personal Development

Medium £ 225

  • Basic Package
  • +
  • Cover Letter Review
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The Marketing Leaders - Learning by Doing

Professional - £ 300

  • Medium Package
  • +
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
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Full Job Hunting

We follow you throughout all your application process

  • Professional Package
  • +
  • 1-hour interview preparation
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Coaching, Training, Mentoring

Give a boost to your career

70+ years of experience in developing marketing professionals at your service.


We have coached marketing professionals in leading global organisations as well as SMEs and Start-Ups.

Focusing on personal and career development, our modules cover:

  • Knowing oneself
  • Goal setting for the coaching sessions
  • Career SMART objectives
  • Pain point(s)
  • Unlocking Potential

NLP certified coach is available on request.

Mentoring & Training

Our modules aim on improving knowledge and the use of specific marketing tools and tactics.

Our approach is focused on following a candidate during daily tasks.

We analyse the approach to problem solving and provide feedback and insights for personal growth and improvement.

Our modules include:

  • Duties and Tasks Analysis
  • What’s done and what’s should have been done
  • Performance analysis

Mentoring Program

"The mentoring program I collaborated with The Marketing Leaders was highly beneficial to me. This program not only gave me an insight into the core fundamentals of web marketing but helped with my personal development and gave me the confidence and necessary skills to secure a full-time role. I would strongly recommend The Marketing Leaders for any young professionals looking for a challenging, fast-growing environment to learn cross-functional skills and grow as an individual." - KP



1 hour module

£ 200

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6 hours module

£ 900

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Mentoring and Training - 4 hours module

Mentoring & Training

4 hours module

£ 600

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Mentoring and Training - 8 hours module

Mentoring & Training

8 hours module

£ 1200

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Kick Start your Career

Join Our Learning Scheme

Did you recently graduate? Your academic achievements are a great starting point but, in today's job market, hands on experience can be what sets you apart from other candidates.

We have created 'Learning by Doing' for people like you. 

It is a structured program that develops you marketing skills while working on real projects, with support and mentoring by experienced Marketing Leaders at the top of their game.

£ 200 per Month

  • Learn from the experts

  • Work on real projects

  • 4 hours a day 

  • 6 month program