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Did you recently graduate? Your academic achievements are a great starting point but, in today's job market, hands on experience can be what sets you apart from other candidates.

We have created 'Learning by Doing' for people like you. 

It is a structured program that develops you marketing skills while working on real projects, with support and mentoring by experienced Marketing Leaders at the top of their game.  

  • Learn from the experts

  • Work on real projects

  • 4 hours a day 

  • 6 month program

The Marketing Leaders - Plan


We build with you your learning plan 

The Marketing Leaders - Goals


We set and track goals and milestones

The Marketing Leaders - Training


We support and mentor you through the program 

The Marketing Leaders - Results


We provide feedback and a final assessment

Join for just £ 200 per month

The full program runs for 6 months with a minimum commitment of 4 hours per day. The program is structured around real project work on behalf of our Clients, across all marketing disciplines and a variety of industries.

VAT not included

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